Our personal histories included a vast amount of sourcing to make the products our past employers designed, a competitive and high quality reality

Our offering is high quality, competitive products delivered within a minimal lead-time. Our services are tailored to your requirements, whether you are looking for standard or customized engineered products.

We have extensive experience in the following types of components

  • Machined steel and cast iron parts
  • Gears (transmission and hydraulic pump)
  • Molded rubber components
  • Molded plastic components
  • Stamped metal parts
  • Forged steel components
  • Cast iron – Foundries

Our supplier partners are throughout India. We chose to deal with suppliers who have and illustrate the same values we uphold. We do not partner with suppliers based on convenience of location but rather integrity of the supplier and consistent quality of their products. Part of what makes them successful is state of the art equipment. All of our suppliers have state of the art CNC machining capability, use high quality tooling and have the required inspection equipment to confirm product quality and process control.

Our suppliers QA department checks & ensures all quality parameters of products in terms of – Dimensions, Aesthetic, Packing, Painting/Coating etc prior to dispatch to customers. If required we will also arrange for third party inspection.

All our sources are certified with ISO 9001:2008, IS/TS16949.

We look forward to a long lasting & mutually beneficial relationship with your company as a “Sourcing & manufacturing service provider”



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